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Curly hair cut what to tell the stylist.

Curly hair can be both a blessing and lesser than required. While it’s undoubtedly beautiful, it can also be difficult to manage, style, and cut.Most stylists are not trained to study and understand curly hair. They know only one way to cut hair, no matter what texture or curl pattern we have. They wash the hair, comb it straight and cut as if they’re dealing with straight hair. That’s why finding the right stylist who knows how to cut curly hair is essential. I hope to explore some tips and tricks for cutting curly hair and provide some inspiration for your next curly haircut.

First and foremost, when it comes to cutting curly hair, it’s crucial to cut it when it’s dry. Curly hair has a natural shape that changes when it’s wet, so cutting it wet can result in an uneven or unflattering cut. Instead, your stylist should cut your hair dry, section by section, to ensure that each curl is cut to the perfect length.
Another essential tip for cutting curly hair is to avoid using thinning shears or razors. These tools can disrupt the natural shape of the curl and create frizz. Instead, your stylist should use sharp, straight-edged scissors to cut each curl individually. This technique will help maintain the integrity of your curl pattern while removing any split ends or damaged strands.
When it comes to the actual cut, there are a few different options for curly hair. One popular style is the layered cut, which helps create volume and movement in your curls. Another option is the deva cut, a specialized technique that’s specifically designed for curly hair. This method involves cutting each curl individually while it’s dry to ensure a perfect, customized cut for your unique curl pattern. Curly hair needs layers to move. Cutting vertical layers, and then going back in and cutting individual curls to break it up and give the hair some movement is best. This technique breaks up the layering, so the hair doesn’t have any strong or hard lines in it. When it comes to how much hair to cut it is best to go for slightly less than straight hair as the hair will curl up more after cutting.
Once your stylist has finished cutting your hair, it’s essential to maintain the health of your curls. Curly hair tends to be more prone to dryness, so be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls hydrated. Additionally, consider using a leave-in conditioner or styling product to help define your curls and reduce frizz.
Two thoughts to dry or wet cut ,(1) wet-cutting gives a consistent end to the curls, not shattered like dry-cutting can give. This results in a more consistent shape and less frizz. Wet-cutting gives your curls the ability to not always fall the exact same way and still look good (2) also you should cut curly hair dry as each curl has its own individual pattern, and one head of hair can have many different curl patterns running through it. By sectioning, combing the curl straight, then cutting under tension, you’re stretching out the curl pattern
Most curl types should be cut on an angle. For tight curls, uneven layering works best. Make certain your cut doesn’t flatten your crown. To avoid a flat top, try a short layer under a longer layer to pump up the volume
Now that you have some tips for cutting curly hair let’s take a look at some gorgeous curly hairstyles for inspiration:
Long, layered curls: This style features long, flowing curls that are layered to create movement and volume. It’s perfect for those who want to show off their natural curls while still having a manageable length.
Curly bob: A curly bob is a cute and stylish option for those who want a shorter cut. This style is chic, low-maintenance, and perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair.
Pixie cut: If you’re feeling bold, a curly pixie cut can be a stunning option. This style is edgy and modern, and it shows off your curls beautifully.
Side-swept curls: This style features long, loose curls swept to one side. It’s perfect for those who want a more relaxed, casual look.
Cutting curly hair requires a specialized technique that can be both challenging and rewarding. By following the tips and tricks mentioned and working with a skilled stylist, you can achieve the perfect curly haircut that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

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