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20 ways to find your style

20 Simple Ways To Find Your Beauty Style & Build Your Makeup Collection!

The beauty industry is a booming business. It can be hard to figure out what kind of makeup
style you like best. From makeup to skin care, there’s something for everyone. If you want to
know more about the makeup market, then read this article! We will give you 20 ways on how to
find your beauty style and how to build your makeup collection.

How To Find Your Beauty Style

Your makeup style is a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s more than just lipstick and mascara — it’s an expression of your personality, values, and sense of self. And while it may beeasy to find someone whose makeup looks good on you, it’s not always easy to figure out what
your own personal style is.

  1. Find What You Love.
    As you’re looking for makeup, it’s important to find what you love. If it doesn’t suit your skin or
    hair type, don’t buy it! Makeup is a long-term investment and there are many brands out there
    that are not worth the money. Choose products that suit your skin type and hair type. The right
    pharmacy can help with this process by providing advice on how to find what works best for
    each individual customer.
    If possible, try out different brands until one sticks! You may find yourself relying on one specific
    brand over others because they offer something extra (or special) that helps make them stand
    out from other products in their category
  2. Embrace Your Best Features.
    If you have a strong jawline, don’t try to hide it. If your eyes are big and expressive, don’t try to
    make them smaller. If you have high cheekbones or prominent brows, embrace them!
    If you love your best features (and who doesn’t?), then learn how to highlight them with makeup
    so that they really stand out instead of being hidden behind layers of cosmetics.
  3. Frame The Face
    It may seem like you can get away with wearing makeup on your eyes and lips, but eyebrows
    are an important part of the face. They frame your eyes and make them appear more feminine
    or masculine — plus, they can help make you look younger or more confident.
    Eyebrows are also an important part of how we perceive our facial features: if your brows are
    bushy and unkempt, people will perceive them as unattractive; however, if they’re well-groomed
    with just enough fill so that there’s no space between them, then people will automatically think
    “pretty.” Your goal should be to find a balance between the two looks so that when someone looks at their reflection in the mirror after applying their makeup routine for the day, they feel
    good about themselves!
    4. Find A Look That Suits You
    There are a lot of things to consider when picking out a hairstyle. You need to know what your
    hair type is, how much time you have and how much money you want to spend on it.
    Some people like the natural look and some people prefer the drastic change in their
    appearance by wearing wigs or toupees. The right choice depends on your personality and
    personal preference as well as what looks best on your face shape, coloring and features.
    5. Find A Look That Is Consistent With Your Interests
    Knowing when to apply makeup and when not to can be difficult. But it’s important that you
    know how much makeup you should wear, especially in different circumstances. For example, if
    you’re going out on the town with friends but don’t want people seeing your face bare, then it
    may be wise to skip the mascara or lip gloss and opt for a thorough application of concealer and
    powder instead.
    6. Ask The People Who Spend Time With You.
  4. If you’re looking for advice, ask the people who spend time with you. This can be your friends
    and family or coworkers — it doesn’t matter who they are! Just make sure that these people
    know how much makeup you like and what kind of look you’re going for.
    Ask them what they think looks good on you. Get their opinions on different brands, colors,
    textures and finishes so that when it comes time to buy new things in the future the process will
    be easier than ever before!
    7. If You Have A Consistent Look, Ask Yourself Why.
    You may be trying to hide something. You might be trying to fit in with a certain group or impress
    someone, or maybe it just feels good on your face (or body). Whatever the reason, if you have a
    consistent look and feel comfortable with it, ask yourself why?
    If the answer is “because I like it,” then go for it! But if there’s something else behind those
    choices — maybe being unable to afford makeup or feeling insecure about how good you are at
    applying it — you might want to try out some new things before settling into how much
    time/money/effort goes into creating an excellent eye-shadow palette every day.
    8. Check Out Blogs Or Beauty Boards.●

Watch YouTube tutorials. It’s a great way to learn new things, especially if you’re in the
mood for something that’s not going to take up too much time and make your face look
● Check out blogs and beauty boards on Pinterest. There are lots of makeup artists who
create their own looks, which can be inspiring when trying out new ideas yourself!
● Instagram is another big resource for finding inspiration: follow other users’ accounts,
check out hashtags like #makeupaddict or #beautyinspo and see what kind of pictures
they post about their favorite products — you might find one that sounds interesting
enough for you to try it yourself!
9. Get Inspiration From Your Favorite Celebrities.
You can get inspiration from your favorite celebrities. Celebrities have a lot of influence over
what we wear and what we buy, so it’s no surprise that they’ve also inspired us to create our
own unique style. Some stars are known for their signature look, while others prefer more subtle
beauty looks with natural-looking skin and minimal makeup.
10. Find a look that is unique to you
Your style is unique to you and it’s worth figuring out so you can make the most of your beauty
routine. If you’ve got a good foundation of knowledge, it’s time to start thinking about how you
want your makeup to look. You might want to try something new or keep things pretty traditional,
but don’t hesitate to experiment with different products and techniques.
How To Build Your Makeup Collection
The biggest benefit of having an extensive makeup collection is that it allows you to do more
with your look. You can try different looks and experiment with new products, which makes it fun
for both yourself and others who see your work!
1. Research Your Chosen Products
● Research the product before you buy it.
● Research the brand.
● Research the price.
● Research the quality.
● Get reviews from other people who have used that product before you buy it, so that you
know whether or not it will work for your needs and lifestyle (this is especially important if
there aren’t many reviews available).
2. Choose Multi-purpose Product Multi-purpose products are the best way to build your collection for multiple purposes. They can
be used for more than one thing, so it’s easier to find them when you need them. Here are some
examples of multi-taskers:
● Foundation can be used as a concealer (white or light colors will work well)
● Powder can be used as an eyeshadow (it has great staying power and is easy to blend)
● Eyeliner/Lip Liner: These two products have been around forever, but they still have their
place in our makeup bags because they can do more than just make lips look nice —
they also help define the eyes and add definition around your lips!
3. Go For Quality Over Quantity
Once you have your eye on a brand, it’s time to do some research and figure out how much of
that product you want. If you’re going to buy from a store, there are several things you should
consider before making your purchase:
● Is this store reputable? If the answer is no, then don’t bother sending them money (and
definitely don’t buy anything).
● Is this retailer trustworthy? If not, find another retailer that has better standards for
customer service and returns/exchanges.
● Do they offer good warranties/returns policies? Make sure that if something goes wrong
with your makeup purchase that they’ll take care of it for free (or at least give great
4. Start Small
When you’re looking to add new products to your collection, don’t buy everything at once.
Instead, start with what you need and work your way up from there. This will help save money in
the long run because only buying things that are necessary will ensure that every product has a
purpose and isn’t just collecting dust on the shelf (because let’s face it: buying cosmetics is
5. Organize Your Collection
● Purchase an organizer.
If you don’t have one yet, consider investing in a makeup case or drawer that can hold all of
your products. This will help keep everything tidy and organized so that when you need to use
something, it’s easy to find it in the morning!
● Buy a Makeup Bag or Boxes (or Both).
A good option if you already have a lot of makeup but don’t know where to store them is buying
boxes or bags specifically designed for organizing things like brushes and mascaras. These are great options because they allow users who want complete control over how their collection
looks while still being able to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly without having
everything jumbled together like other storage options might do.
6. Buy only what you need
The first thing to do when it comes to building your makeup collection is to buy only what you
need. You don’t want to be buying products because they look good in the store or because of
some marketing campaign. Instead, focus on what works for you and your lifestyle. If a product
doesn’t work for you then it won’t be worth wearing!
7. Having a good foundation of products.
A foundation is basically the basic makeup that you need for everyday use, whether it’s for work
or play! It can include eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascaras. The more often you use these
products on yourself and your skin tone, the better they’ll become acquainted with your face so
that when time comes around again (for example: when buying something else) there won’t be
any surprises because they already know what they’re supposed to look like on top of one
another without having too much extra stuff between them all over again!
8. Start with a few products that you know you love.
Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options. The most basic looks can be created with just two or
three products. It’s important to find the right colors for your skin tone and undertone before
adding in more products.
9. Setting or Finishing Powder
Setting or finishing powder is a must-have for any makeup lover. It sets your makeup and helps
to make it stay longer. If you have oily skin, applying this product before applying foundation will
help to control shine and prevent acne breakouts. A good setting powder should be translucent
and lightweight, so it won’t add extra weight to your face when applied on top of foundation.
10. Setting Spray
Setting spray is a must have in your makeup collection. It helps to prevent your makeup from
smudging or fading, making it look more natural and giving it a dewy finish. Setting spray also
keeps your skin hydrated by acting as an emollient that helps to soften the surface of the skin
while retaining moisture.



In this guide we’ll help you find your beauty style, so that the next time you go shopping for makeup you’ll know exactly what to buy!



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